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HRV Cleaning


HRVs bring fresh air from outdoors into your home and then to your HEPA filters. This fresh air is brought to your furnace to help recirculate clean air into your home. Through proper maintenance of these key components, you will ensure that you prolong the life of this integral unit so it can function properly, the way it is designed.

  • Our Technicians will inspect your HRV to ensure that it is working properly. If any abnormalities are discovered, we will inform the customer.

  • We remove the core and the filters which are set aside for cleaning later.

  • The vacuum hose is securely installed into the HRV to create negative pressure on the whole ducting system.

  • The vacuum and air compressor are turned on.

  • We then clean the inside of the HRV including the motors, the filters and the core, with the vacuum continuously running.

  • We will then wipe clean the inside of the HRV with cleaner and disinfectant before putting the core and filters back inside.

  • The HRV will be turned on and the technician will make sure that the HRV is cycling properly.

  • Any messes that are made around the diffusers are vacuumed and cleaned up.

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